Whoop do do dooooo! Guess who just got back from a con!

A few super awesome people and I decided a few months ago to pull together Kagepro cosplays, with Tekko being a test run for a bigger summer shoot. A few of us couldn’t make it, but we still had Kido, Momo, and Kano!

With staying up all night trying like hell to get Kano’s hair to look semi right and last minuting it the next morning after sleeping in I was kind of poo brained, and though very few people recognized any of us I couldn’t even think of poses for those who did want pictures. Ahahahhhh T-T

So yea, to anyone that recognized us I really really appreciate the love! And also the hug I received before I met up with the rest of the Mekakushidan, I wish you could have seen everyone else too!

I really don’t want to make a whole post about being sorry, but I am. I feel bad that I’ve gone missing in a way….

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lion-heart-dragon-soul said: <3 here for you markki. text me anytime. i care!

My social ineptness is going to be the death of me, I swear. It’s funny though, I’m a storefront person who has to react with customers regularly yet when it comes to talking to people on campus or online or whatever I get way nerved out. Guess if I don’t have to make a connection I’m a-okay.

I definitely will text you, it’s been foreverrrrr!

I feel so sorry for all 58 of the people who followed me because honestly I suck at letting people in. I suck at letting people know who I am in the slightest and in turn I suck at blogging let alone reblogging anything, because truth is I’m afraid of judgment. I’ve got myself so convinced that people will either not care in the slightest about what I say or go about it in a super critical way. How pitiful is that… I tear myself apart before anyone else gets a chance…